Sponsor Spotlight: Forming A Partnership
Originally printed in Sport Quarterly, December 2007

When it comes to covering amateur sports in Nova Scotia, Sport Nova Scotia and The Chronicle Herald make an excellent team.

Published since 1824, The Chronicle Herald prides itself on being one of the last independent and family-owned daily papers in the country. The paper has close to 300,000 readers each day, with daily circulation of 110,000 copies Sunday to Friday, and 116,000 on Saturdays. There are more than 350 employees working out of the paper’s Halifax office.

For the past three years, The Chronicle Herald has been the distributor of Sport Quarterly, the newspaper for Sport Nova Scotia, four times per year. In addition, The Chronicle Herald provides advertising space for Sport Nova Scotia programming, such as Milk Energy Sport Fair and the annual Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.

“We’re a family-based and community based paper with readership all across the province,” explains Kevin Sanford, promotions manager for The Chronicle Herald. “We feel that the athletes and the stories that come from Sport Nova Scotia complements who we are. That’s our market, and this is a way of giving back to the community.”

With Sport Nova Scotia’s focus not only on competitive athletes, but on general physical activity and health, Sanford says getting involved as a sponsor was a good way to help bring a positive message to The Chronicle Herald readership.

“We’ve all read the concerns about children being obese and things like that, and Sport Nova Scotia’s approach to getting people physically active is very important to us,” he says.
“It’s better for everyone if we’re able to partake in these types of activities. And so Sport Nova Scotia events— such as Milk Energy Sport Fair that show children and families there are many activities out there they can get involved in—is a good thing for the community.”

Sanford says that while The Chronicle Herald provides coverage of the biggest sporting events and most well-known teams and athletes, they like the fact their sponsorship with Sport Nova Scotia is an opportunity to contribute to all types of sports in the province.

“Through Sport Quarterly you get coverage of a lot of lesser-known athletes, beyond just the elite athletes, and it gives a higher profile to some of the lesser-known sports, and so with that information being distributed through our paper, it gives additional value to our readers.”

As far as the working relationship between The Chronicle Herald and Sport Nova Scotia, Sanford says it provides for new opportunities beyond the distribution of Sport Quarterly.

“We’ve also done some work with Sport Nova Scotia and Doctors Nova Scotia with regards to a Newspapers in Education program we have where we’re providing newspaper supplements to grade four and five students about healthy living and being more physically active,” he says.

“It’s called What’s up with healthy living!, with a couple of cartoon characters called Drew and Taylor, who tell the kids what foods to eat and what activities they can partake in beyond the high-profile sports. That’s something we partner with Sport Nova Scotia to find out information about the different sport organizations they represent.”

That word partnership is important, Sanford says.

“The people at Sport Nova Scotia are really professional and know that a sponsorship is about forming a partnership between two organizations.”

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