Sponsor Spotlight: Milk Puts the Energy into Sport Fair
Originally printed in Sport Quarterly, March 2006

The white stuff is the right stuff when it comes to providing kids - and adults, for that matter - with the energy they need to live active and healthy lives.

That being the case, it comes as no surprise that the Dairy Farmers of Canada enjoys a great working relationship with Sport Nova Scotia as the title sponsor of the Milk Energy Sport Fairs, which give kids the chance to sample a variety of sports and learn how to make sport an enjoyable, lifelong experience.

“We think there’s definitely a positive association between healthy eating and physical activity,” says Karen Aucoin, assistant director of marketing for Dairy Farmers of Canada. “We’ve certainly heard a lot in the media about health concerns and rising obesity, so we feel this is a responsible way to get involved in providing healthy living messages, including a natural fit with dairy products.”

Aucoin says that Dairy Farmers of Canada took particular interest in getting involved with the Sport Fair program as a way to help fill a need for kids to get information on healthy living.

“The Sport Fair really interested us because it targets school children, and at the time we were hearing about cutbacks that were taking place in physical activity and gym classes,” she says. “So we thought this was a great way to keep the message at the school level with children regarding the importance of including physical activity in their daily lives. We wanted to be involved in as large a way as possible, and title sponsor was as big as we could go.”

Beyond just sponsoring an event, the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s involvement with programs such as Sport Fair means they are on-site with their nutrition education messages.

“Anything that we do as far as sponsorship we make sure we can leverage our nutrition education programs into the sponsorship package,” Aucoin explains. “So we ensure that we have our dieticians on-site wherever we are set up, and we make sure that if there is any opportunity to have nutrition sessions for children - or adults or athletes, for that matter - we are able to provide it.”

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