Sponsor Spotlight: Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation
Originally printed in Sport Quarterly, September 2008

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) is responsible for managing the business of gaming in Nova Scotia. It is a Crown corporation governed by the provincial Gaming Control Act, and is charged with leading an economically sustainable and socially responsible gaming industry that benefits Nova Scotians and their communities. Founded in 1995, the corporation is located in Halifax and directly employs 25 people.

“In 2007-08, NSGC provided $154 million to the government of Nova Scotia to help build better roads, schools, hospitals and communities,” explains Marie Mullally, president and CEO. “To put that in context, this funding would pay for the construction of 17 elementary schools, the salaries of almost 2,850 registered nurses, the construction of 87 km of new twinned-lane highway or the repaving of 524 km of roads in Nova Scotia.”

Mullally says the NSGC is also committed to being a good corporate citizen.

“We believe that good corporate citizenship starts in the community, and together with our operators, we contributed more than $4 million to non-profit organizations and community events across the Province this year alone,” she says. “Whether it’s through our Charitable Sector Support Program that provides local charities with the tools to maximize their fundraising efforts or our Social Responsibility Ambassador Program that encourages our employees to donate their time to the communities in which they live, giving back at NSGC is an important part of what we do.”

Another aspect of giving back includes working with Sport Nova Scotia through the Support 4 Sport Program.
“Our objective is to help make Nova Scotia a better place to live. And one of the main areas of focus that we believe can help achieve this is by providing funding support for amateur sport,” she says.

“We wanted to help improve participation rates and ensure people have access to sport programs across the province. Investing in sport means investing in a healthier, stronger future. Support 4 Sport Program funding will create opportunities for everyone from 5-yearolds who want to play soccer to 19-yearolds who want to compete in Olympic paddling, to 60-year-olds who want to play recreational tennis.”

One hundred per cent of the profits from all Support 4 Sport branded lottery products go directly to sport in Nova Scotia. The program raised $2.0 million in 2007-08, representing a 50 per cent increase in funding for amateur sport in Nova Scotia.

To date, 138 athletes, 19 coaches and 60 community sport programs received assistance. It is expected that an additional $2.2 million will be raised in 2008-09.

“We are really proud to offer the Support 4 Sport Program as part of our wider community-support efforts,” Mullally says.

In addition to giving back to the communities in which they live, Mullally adds, the staff at NSGC believe in being active.

“Many of our staff volunteer or participate in sport and health-related causes,” she says. “For example, our Director of Lottery Gaming is actively involved in coaching his sons’ soccer and hockey teams. We have several runners on staff who have participated in marathons in support of charities. Others participate in intramural sports like softball, Ultimate Frisbee and sailing. We also have a former Canada Games athlete. And last year, our staff volunteered as a group to help out at the Bluenose International Marathon. Our team at NSGC recognizes the importance and benefits of participating in and supporting sport.”

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