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The Challenges

We are working on some new challenges for 2017 - take a look at last year's for inspiration!

  1. Leaning Tower of Boston Pizza: Using nothing but the Boston Pizza boxes provided, work as a team to build the highest tower you can.

  2. Floorball: Stick-handle and weave through the cones and beat the goalie to complete this challenge.

  3. Big Foot: This giant-sized relay race will put your teamwork to the test.

  4. Tricycle Trip: All eight participants will ride adult sized tricycles through an obstacle course relay. 

  5.  Ping Pong Party: Throw, bounce, blow, roll and drop your way through this ping pong ball based challenge.

  6. Broom Bonanza: In this relay, each participant will place the end of broom handle on their forehead, run around in circles and then race to their teammate.  Points are awarded based on time.  Barf buckets are optional.

  7. Brush With Danger: Working in pairs, navigate a toothbrush down a length of string and drop it into a cup.

  8. Sport Relay: A bunch of different sports, all rolled into one goofy obstacle course.  Points are awarded based on time.

  9. Segway Series: Designed by Segway Nova Scotia, participants will race segways over and around obstacles.  Points are awarded based on time. 

  10. Junk in the Trunk: Shake, shake, shake until you get all the ping pong balls out of the tissue box attached to your waist.

  11. Board Room Game Café: The Board Room Game Café joins us to test your skills and strategy in a couple life size versions of classic board game favourites.

  12. Elephant March: In this challenge, each participant must knock over bottles with a ball hanging from their head. Points are awarded for each target hit. Patience and accuracy are key to this challenge.

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