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The Sport Fund

The Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund is a Chapter of the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federation (CCPTSF) National Sport Trust Fund and is administered as a Program of Sport Nova Scotia

Funding Philosophy and Guidelines

Mission Statement 
The Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund (hereafter Sport Fund) is dedicated to the advancement of amateur sport in Nova Scotia by sufficiently funding quality proposals that have a high probability of achieving the intended impact. 

Statement of Activities
The Sport Fund has been established to assist and promote the development of athlete-centred amateur sport in Nova Scotia with the financial resources raised in its name. The Sport Fund is a Sport Nova Scotia committee exercising the licensing agreement with the CCPTSF and allocates funds based on guiding principles and criteria.

Sport Fund Goals
To supplement the opportunity for Nova Scotian athletes, coaches and officials to train compete and develop at/to a level that will advance them to comparable Canadian standards of excellence.

To ensure that Sport Nova Scotia and its broad-based membership (including community and provincial sport organizations), can develop and deliver innovative participation programs that enhance the provincial sport system.

To enhance funding for programs and services integral to sport delivery in Nova Scotia.

To stimulate the commitment and training required to achieve levels of performance that demonstrate a measurable improvement in athletic competition or organizational capacity building that leads to a better sport delivery system in Nova Scotia.

To not duplicate current sport funding, educational sources and professional fees. The Sport Fund through Sport Nova Scotia will work with other funding organizations, departments, and agencies (Nova Scotia Health Protection and Promotion, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, Sport Canada, Coaching Association of Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, and Sport Canada) to try and ensure the most efficient allocation of resources in the sport system.  The Sport Fund will maintain its ability to fund outside of established programs in order to support programs and services it deems significant and/or exceptional.


Submissions will be judged on their merit and supported in such a way that their implementation is comprehensive enough to have real and, ideally, sustainable impact on the sport system.

Sport Fund allocations will consider funding levels of other organizations and bodies, but will not as a course of policy fund in a manner that is hierarchical to those funding levels.

No single sport shall receive more than 15% of allocated funds in any one year.

The Sport Fund can provide funds or invest in activities or initiatives that will yield long-term funds for a group or association. Any initiative that moves towards self-sufficiency will be looked upon favourably.

In most cases, expenses for travel to National Championships will not be funded.

Sport Fund recipients will be required to submit reports, as directed by the Sport Fund committee to verify expenditures and report on the status of the project that received funding.  Eighty per cent of funding allocated will be provided to successful applicants, with the final 20 per cent to be allocated upon receipt of satisfactory report.

Application Process

1.    Applications will be accepted twice per year
2.    Receipt of completed applications will be acknowledged.
3.    An administrator of the Sport Fund will process minimum eligibility criteria.  Provincial Sport Organization endorsement will then be   obtained by Sport Nova Scotia.  
4.    Applications will then be screened by the Sport Nova Scotia Sport Development department to ensure appropriate program placement. 
5.    Applications are then forwarded to the selection committee.
6.    Selections will be completed. All applicants will be notified in writing within 15 days of the selection committee’s final decisions.
7.    All selections and allocations will be final.

General Support Categories

CSO Projects:  Guiding Principles
The Sport Fund shall support projects that are intended to increase sustainable, quality participation sport programs.  This may include new programming or the expansion of existing programming.

The Sport Fund shall ensure that Sport Nova Scotia and organizations like it (incorporated societies such as PSOs, MSOs, clubs, etc.) can provide innovative leadership, programming and delivery to an athlete-centred sport system. Sport Nova Scotia and its members are expected to have established long term athlete development models as a guide to all technical, programming initiatives.

Sport Nova Scotia member organizations will be eligible for assistance where innovative programming or events foster the advancement of sport in Nova Scotia.

Administrators and volunteer efforts will be eligible for assistance in terms of programming and special initiatives, developed or delivered by such individuals or their organizations.

Community Sport Organization initiatives that clearly demonstrate a working partnership with their PSO will be given priority consideration.

CSO Criteria
Local clubs and/or community sport organizations must be in good standing with the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), and have their application endorsed by the President of the PSO.

Long-term athlete development model in place.

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