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What Is The Support4Sport  Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund?

The Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund was made possible by a $1 million contribution from the Support4Sport program as well as a contribution of over $600,000 from the Halifax 2011 Canada Games Host Society. The Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund is designed to support community sport organizations in their efforts to increase participation in sport. The fund will support projects that are intended to increase sustainable, quality, participation-based sport programs by helping to offset the cost of sport equipment. This may include new programs or the expansion of existing programs.

How Much Money Is Available?

The Sport Fund is committed to allocating up to $100,000 per fiscal year. This is divided ($50,000 per) between the two allocation rounds. On average we fund between $200.00 - $5000.00  per grant application

I Have Initiative In The Next 3 Weeks...Can I Apply?

The Sport Fund accepts applications for financial assistance twice each year. The Allocation Committee meets to review applications within 6 weeks of each application deadline. The Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment fund does not fund events. Sport Fund does not consider assistance retroactively for projects/ initiatives, therefore applicants are encouraged to plan well in advance of the competition/project, and make submissions in ADVANCE.

When Will I Hear If I Have Been Successful?
Receipt of all completed applications will be acknowledged. Within six weeks of the Allocation Committee meeting, all applicants will receive email notification of the status (success, non-success) of their application. Depending on the decisions of the Allocation Committee, successful applicants may also receive the cheque at this time (if there are no conditions placed upon the award).

What Conditions Exist If I Am Successful?
The Sport Fund Allocation Committee may require further information from successful applicants before the award is released. In these cases, applicants will receive requests via email. All successful applicants will be expected to complete an online progress report describing the outcome of the initiative or project that was funded. This may include a report outlining performances, key learnings and impact of the project on the Nova Scotia sport system, demonstration or access to the proposed program, or copies of any documents produced. Successful applicants will also be expected to participate in media events surrounding the promotion of the Sport Fund, and displaying a Sport Fund banner may be required. 

What Kind Of Initiatives Have Been Successful In The Past?

Organizations developing innovative initiatives/projects that are intended to increase sustainable, quality, participation-based sport programs by helping to offset the cost of sport equipment. This may include new programs or the expansion of existing programs. Organizations developing innovative programs include:

  • The development of a speed skating program allowing first time users to rent speed skates at a nominal fee. Rental fees are then used to maintain and/or purchase new skates. 
  • Establishment of an archery club
  • The creation of a goaltender development program
  • Creation of a diving club with specialization in synchronized diving

What Kind Of Initiatives Have Generally Not Been Successful In The Past?
The Sport Fund does not normally provide funding for:

  • Travel
  • Events
  • Generally funding is not usually awarded to groups for capital equipment expenditures
  • Coach or employee salaries

What Do We Look For in A Successful Application?

①    Clear purpose and goal(s)

·         Who, what, where, when, how & why?

②     Comprehensive and well thought out

·         Elevator pitch

③     Aligned with CS4L/LTAD (fit within  pathway)

·         Age stage appropriate

④     Strong explanation of the long-term benefits of the project/initiative

⑤     Sustainability (financially)

·         Partnerships, collaboration & REVENUE

Can I Apply More Than Once?

Yes. An applicant may apply for funding  for different initiatives. However, if funding was allocated, the Committee reserves the right to consider this fact when comparing applications, and limit or deny further funding to broaden the number of applicants assisted by the fund. No CSO shall receive more than $5000.00 per allocation period. 

If I Have Been Successful In The Past Can I Reapply?

Yes. As long as you have completed your final report for any past awarded funds. 

Who Is The Allocation Committee & What Do They Do?
The Allocation Committee is a sub-group of the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund Committee. It is empowered to evaluate submissions and then make recommendations back to the Committee. If a majority of the Committee participates in the allocation process, then its decisions are final.

Who Can I Contact If I Need More Information?
Questions regarding the application process or completing the final progress report can be directed to: 
Janine MacIntyre - tel.  902-425-5450 ext. 362; fax. 902-425-5606; email: jmacintyre@sportnovascotia.ca

Sport Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Road 4th Fl., 
Halifax, NS, 
B3J 1G6;