Fundraising: Manulife Dragon Boat Festival


To provide Provincial Sport Organizations with an opportunity to raise funds for their sport through participation in the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival and the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund.


•    A maximum of ten (10) Provincial Sport Organizations or their designated member can participate.

•    Top two (2) fundraisers from the prior Festival are automatically eligible to participate again if they have met the minimum pledge amount of $100.00 per participant ($2000 per team).

•    Teams that did not reach the minimum pledge value per person of $100 ($2000 per team) can go on a waiting list for any unused spots in case there are less than six applicants from the PSOs.

•    To become one of the ten (10) teams, you must apply by filling out a “NSTF Project Application Form” and send it to the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund, c/o Sport Nova Scotia. When your application is approved by our office, you will be provided with a project number and a copy of the approved application.

•    If there are more than ten applications submitted and approved by the deadline, the applications will be entered into a draw for the remaining spots, (the top two teams from the previous year will be entered if they have applied and will not take part in the draw).  If there are fewer applicants than spots we will then allow first come, first serve after the deadline date for any remaining spots.

•    Upon written approval of the project by the Provincial Fund Manager, solicitation of pledges, using the dragon boat festival pledge form, can commence.

•    Pledge money received by the specific organization will be allocated to the “project” and will be returned less administration fees (see Admin Fees) upon receipt of pledges and a completed fund request form.

Entry Fee

•    Eligible Provincial Sport Organizations register a team in the Halifax Dragon Boat Festival at a cost of $300.00 plus H.S.T. (15%).

Admin Fees

All PSO fundraising projects are subject to administration fees of 5% of the total raised plus $3.00 per tax receipt issued. All PSO teams are required to sign and submit the Admin Fees form with their application.


1.    The attached “Fundraising Project Application Form" and “Admin Fees Form" must be completed and submitted to the Sport Fund (found on Raising Money Through Sport Fund page).

2.    Participating Provincial Sport Organizations must receive written approval from the Sport Fund’s Provincial Fund Manager prior to entering the event.

3.    All participants on each team must complete a “Donor Acceptance Letter” (to be forwarded to you upon registration).

4.    Following the 2019 Manulife Dragon Boat Festival, participating Provincial Sport Organizations must submit a “Grant Request Form” and a “Project Report Form” (to be forwarded to you upon registration) in order to receive funding for their approved project outlined in the “Fundraising Project Application Form” previously submitted.


1.    Ready made fundraiser…pledge sheets will be provided upon registration.
2.    Guaranteed whatever amount you raise*!
3.    All pledges of $20 or more will be receipted if requested (tax receipt box must be checked and complete legible address must be provided on the pledge form).

*less admin fees.

To Register

Send completed Fundraising Project Application Form and Admin Fees Form by May 31, 2019 to:

Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund
c/o Sport Nova Scotia
5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th Floor
Halifax, NS
B3J 1G6


Fax: (902) 425-5606

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tyler Smith at (902) 425-5450, ext. 344 or email: