COVID-19 Update November 24

Today the Province announced further changes to Public Health Regulations related to COVID-19.  These changes are applicable to the zone of Western and Central Halifax Reginal Municipality (HRM), which is defined as HRM from Hubbard’s to (and including) Porters Lake and the communities up to Elmsdale and Mount Uniacke/Hants County including businesses.  As it relates to sport, the Province will be shutting down all sport activity in this area beginning on Thursday, November 26th for a period of two weeks, ending on Thursday December 10th.  At that time the Province will be re-evaluating the epidemiology and determining next steps.

During this time period people residing in the impacted zone will not be permitted to travel outside the zone to take part in any sport activities. This would include anyone residing in the zone who may participate on a team/group that is outside the zone.  For those living outside of the impacted zone, sport activities can continue while continuing to pay close attention to the public health guidelines.  However, you should not leave your zone for a sport activity, so for example if you live in Cape Breton you should not travel to the South Shore for a sport activity. Complete information on the provincial zones can be found on the Nova Scotia government website.

A map of the impacted zone can be found here.

We will continue to provide any updates as soon as we receive them. 


Provincial sport organization update

November 20, 2020

Today the Province announced some changes to Public Health regulations.  In terms of sport, please note that for the Central Zone only in Nova Scotia, the gathering limits for outdoor events will be reduced from 250 people to 150, and for indoor events the number has been reduced from 200 to 100, with a maximum of 50 percent of capacity.  These changes will come into effect on Monday, November 23.  

Please note that the Public Health approved NS Sport Guidelines remain in effect.  The change in gathering limits could have impacts on spectator allowances for some events and/or programs. Additional information can be found at here  

As we’ve noted previously, we would encourage you to touch base with the facilities you use to determine what regulations they have in place.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jamie Ferguson at


Gathering Limits for Participants in Performing Arts, Sports to Increase

September 18th, 2020

Today the provincial government announced some positive changes to participant numbers in sport. Please see below for the official announcement.

Government is increasing the allowable numbers for participants in performing arts, sport and organized physical activity.

Effective Oct. 1, the number of people who can participate in one of these activities without physical distancing will increase from 10 to 50. For most sports, this will allow full team practises and competition to resume, while for the performing arts, this will allow for larger rehearsals and performances. This change also applies to recreational league sports, like adult hockey, and drop-in activities, like open swims and skates. Unorganized or casual games, like pickup basketball or soccer in the park, must adhere to existing gathering rules of small groups of 10 without physical distancing within a maximum of 50 with physical distancing.

“Art and sport are vital to our physical, mental and social well-being. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put some of these activities on hold,” said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health. “Nova Scotia continues to see low COVID-19 activity, allowing us to safely resume important activities Nova Scotians enjoy.”

 The gathering limit of 50 without physical distancing includes:

  •  players/participants, officials, coaches, instructors or anyone else who is required to be on or near the field of play
  •  performers, directors, cast, crew or anyone else required to be within the performance space

The limit of 50 applies to practises, competitions, games, rehearsals and artistic performances. While mask use is not required while doing physical activity, wearing masks and maintaining distance as much as possible continues to be encouraged for these activities.

“This will be welcome news, especially for children and families for whom participation in sport and other activities is such an important part of their lives,” said Leo Glavine, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage. “Getting back to the arts, culture and sport activities we love requires that we follow the guidelines in place to protect our health and safety and that of others in our communities.”

Existing gathering requirements for audiences/spectators at sport/recreation facilities and performances venues must continue to be followed.

All organizations are asked to have a rollback plan in place, should gathering limits need to be reduced again.

Quick Facts:

  • the gathering limits for day camps and after school programs remains at 15
  • the gathering limit for events and performances is 250 outside with physical distancing and 50 per cent of a facility’s capacity, up to 200 inside, with physical distancing and mandatory masks for spectators
  • testing numbers are updated daily at
  • a state of emergency was declared u
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