A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way

After winning his first grey cup, football offensive-lineman and Port Hood native Bruce Beaton dedicated his championship ring to his daughter. The former CFL All-Star then decided to enter into retirement; however, Bruce was soon inspired to return to the playing field by the birth of his second child. With the goal of winning another grey cup ring so that he may dedicate it to his infant son, Bruce persevered through intense training in order to prepare himself for competition. Bruce’s temporary retirement had made it very hard for his body to recover from physical conditioning and he struggled to return to his previous level of fitness.

Bruce finally achieved the perfect balance of weight and agility and had kicked off a successful season, once again, as left tackle for the Edmonton Eskimos when he partially tore his ACL (the principal tendon in one of his legs), making him unable to properly support his own weight. Bruce was determined to finish the season so he decided not to inform anyone of his misfortune and instead forced himself to retrain. He dropped twenty pounds from his 320 lb frame in order to re-obtain the equilibrium of power and movement that he had lost because of his injury. Despite living every athlete’s nightmare, Bruce advanced with the Eskimos to the final game of the Grey Cup. During the championship game, Bruce was disappointed when, late in the game, his toughest opponent from the Montreal Alouettes was able to get around him, resulting in a touchdown that put Montreal in the lead. Luckily, a last minute field goal on behalf of the Eskimos tied the game and sent the two teams into overtime. Bruce was instrumental in decision making and invaluable on the field, helping his team to win the 2005 Grey Cup with a final score of 38-35. After overcoming the factors working against him and proudly taking home the coveted championship ring to his son, Bruce Beaton happily retired from football.