Sport Nova Scotia was incorporated in 1971. We are the voice for amateur sport in Nova Scotia that promotes the benefits of health, personal development and achievement of all participants.

Sport Nova Scotia is a non profit, non government federated organization.  Our membership is made up of over 50 sport governing bodies, (“Provincial Sport Organizations” or “PSOs”), as well as multisport organizations and other groups and individuals that share a mutual interest.  Collectively we are a voice for more than 160,000 member Nova Scotians.

We operate in 5 main areas: Sport Development, Marketing and Events, Coaching, Public Relations and Communications and Finance and Administration.  In each of these areas, programs and services are available to our membership, including consultation services.  

Our members operate the majority of sport programming.  We operate programs that support the membership. Programs such as Support4Sport, Sport Fund, SportSweep, KidSport, Sport Makes a Difference, Support4Sport Awards, Cleves Athlete of the Month, Parasport, Subway Series, Milk Sport Fair, coaching conferences and many more.


Every single Nova Scotian has lifelong opportunities to experience the positive benefits of sport.


We unite innovative leadership and drive collaboration to build a robust sport community.


We believe in the following values to guide our work:


We work to make sport available to ALL Nova Scotians no matter their ability, background, age, gender, circumstance, etc.


We foster a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Health and Wellness

We promote participation in sport because it provides physical, social, and emotional health benefits.


We strive for a high(er) standard within our organization and throughout the sector.


We are stewards for our stakeholders, manage our resources, and take responsibility for our actions.


We connect the sector and are the advocate for sport.

Social Impact

We will employ sport to intentionally address societal issues.