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 PGA Tour Card Holder: Butch O'Hearn

Location, Location, Location. If you believe in that old adage then Lawrence “Butch” O’Hearn lived in the perfect place for a boy who aspired to play golf for a living. His childhood home was next to the No. two tee of Brightwood Golf Club in Dartmouth. “There was no fence there then. We could just go out the back door and walk onto the golf course. I used to go on No. one green and chip when no-one was around.” By the time he was 10 years old he was a member of the club. Butch wanted a career in golf.

In 1964 O’Hearn won the Dartmouth Open playing against the best players in the Maritimes, pros included. In 1965 O’Hearn turned pro and had a few successful seasons on the Florida Tour. In the fall of 1969 he won his PGA Tour card. “It felt pretty good” said O’Hearn. ”I was the only one from around here to do it. I always knew that no one else from Atlantic Canada had ever done it.” In January 1970, he began playing on the tour. “It was tough. We had to qualify every Monday. Sometimes, you had 190 guys trying for 4 spots.” My best tournament was the Kemper Open in New York. While qualifying I made a hole in one. Then in the first round I shot a 66 and was tied for the lead. In the second round I made another hole in one. I finished about 22nd. That was the high point of my career.” O’Hearn is proud of what he has accomplished, being the first Atlantic Canadian to win a Professional Golfers Association tour card.