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 Edna Duncanson - New York Bloomer Girl


What does the small valley community of Gaspereau have in common with the metropolis of New York City? The answer, Edna (Lockhart) Duncanson. In 1935 Duncanson played professional baseball with the New York Bloomer Girls, the only Canadian to play on that team.

When Duncanson was 17 she went to visit a sister in New York. While playing a game of catch in the streets her talents were recognized by a man with connections to the team. A tryout with the Bloomer Girls was arranged that afternoon and the next day she was pitching her first professional game. “My biggest thrill in life was being accepted on a team that went undefeated in its 25 years of play” The Bloomer Girls would play close to 100 games per season across the United States. They would play once a day and often twice a day in different locations. There weren’t a lot of women’s teams and Duncanson recalls only playing against men. Duncanson said she could throw hard, something she need against the free swing men’s teams, some of which were comprised of former major leaguers. The games could be pretty scrappy. One game, while playing third base, Duncanson was flipped by a base runner and landed on her face. “I got up and threw the ball. The fans just cheered. I heard several say “She didn’t lose the ball. “ It was a great play.” The fans took to the team wherever it played. “It was unbelievable the crowds we used to get. It was the Great Depression and people were eager to get out and see something different.”

Edna Duncanson was elected to the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame in 1996 in which she said “I can still catch. I can still hit.”