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 Log Rolling Phenomenon: Phil Scott


The community of Barrington proudly boasts of Phil Scott, a man who captured the world log rolling championship, not once but nine times, five consecutively in the professional lumberjack circuit. His first world championship was in 1968 at the world’s largest lumberjack festival in Hayward, Wisconsin. At the age of 20 he broke into the big time at the world’s largest lumberjack festival in Haywood, Wisconsin. From Barrington, he took a bus to Duluth, Minnesota then hitchhiked to Hayward in order to compete. Once there he proceeded to dump the seasoned pros one by one into the water until he finally knocked off reigning champion Ardiel Wickhelm of British Columbia to claim the title. In doing so he became the first man to ever win the world championship in his first attempt. His flight home to Halifax was delayed and unfortunately none of his family could wait to take him home to Barrington. In true Nova Scotia style, Phil hitch hiked home with the world championship trophy under his arm. His other world championship wins were in 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1980.

Now, people may think log rolling isn’t a taxing sport. Scott recalls rolling one fellow for an hour before “dropping” him and then after a short rest was matched against a fresh competitor. After another hour long battle, he dropped his second adversary with out getting his feet wet. He also remembers rolling in Oregon for three hours in over 30 degree temperatures, and of course winning.