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 Dartmouth Native among the Best in the World of Ice Dancing

Dartmouth native, Rob McCall, did not waste any time making his mark on the world of ice dancing.

Beginning his competitive career out of the Halifax Skating Club he and his first partner Marie McNeil-Bowness won numerous titles including both Junior and Senior National Ice Dance Champions.

When McNeil-Bowness retired in 1981, McCall paired up with British Columbian skater Tracy Wilson. The pair of Wilson and McCall was to achieve great things and the world was soon to find out.

After only one year together, they were Canadian Champions and over the next five years, the pair won many awards and championships including a bronze at the 1986 World Championships in Geneva. This medal was particularly important as it marked the first Canadian medal in 22 years.

The year 1988 would prove to be a significant year for Wilson and McCall. Not only did they repeat as bronze medalists and the 1987 World Championships, but they competed as the home team in the Calgary Olympics. There, in front of a packed house and a Canadian crowd, the team competed their way to a bronze medal. This standing was so significant for Nova Scotia and for Canada. Not only was it the first Olympic Ice Dancing medal for Nova Scotia but it was the first for Canada as well. This medal also celebrated McCall as being the first Nova Scotian to win a Winter Olympic Medal of any kind.


McCall and Wilson decided to retire that same year but proved themselves at a professional level as well winning the gold medal at the World Professional Ice Dancing Championships in 1990.

Sadly, McCall passed away the next year on November 15, 1991 due to AIDS related complications. He was only 33 but the disease that took his life could not overshadow his accomplishments. He was known for his artistic ability, talent and grace and that is what will be fondly remembered of Rob McCall.