The Win That Started It All


With all the accomplishments achieved by Colleen Jones how could one win possibly stand out above all others? Talk to Colleen Jones and she will tell you her win at the Scott Tournament of Hearts over Alberta’s Cathy Borst February, 28, 1999 is imprinted in her memory. 

Heading into that 1999 Scott Tournament, Jones admits there were a lot of questions as to her abilities and chances to win. After all, it had been 13 appearances over 17 years since she had last won the Scott in 1982 . “It was especially sweet as many had written our team off as older and incapable of winning.” says Jones. With the score tied at 4-4 in the 10th end, Jones had to make a difficult shot to win the game. She remembers sitting in the hack trying to slow everything down; her breathing, her thoughts and her heart. “The Alberta rock looked like the size of a “loonie”. I went back to basics and all those hours practicing shots at the Mayflower Club. It’s amazing how all those hours of practice come into play for one shot.” With the tournament and the right to represent Canada at the world championships on the line, she bore down, threw an out turn hit and stick to win the game. Jones credits that win with giving her team the confidence it needed to keep playing with authority and starting the winning streak for her team. How true as Colleen and her team won the next four Canadian championships in setting an unprecedented winning streak in Canadian women’s curling.