Archibald on ‘Surreal’ Soccer Run

Mya Archibald has made 2022 her breakout year. The talented soccer player from Fall River burst onto the national youth team scene, making the Canadian U17 side for trips to Spain in February and the Dominican Republic in April. 

Archibald, 17, helped Canada win bronze in May at the U17 FIFA CONCACAF Tournament and secure a berth at the World Cup in October in India. She did it all while embracing a position change, going from an attacking player to fullback with the national team.

Archibald also won bronze with Team Nova Scotia at the Canada Games in August in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

The former Suburban FC standout now trains in Vancouver with the Whitecaps Women’s Elite Academy Program. In 2023, she plans to go to the University of Illinois where she’ll play soccer and study engineering.

In Archibald’s own words, here’s more on her soccer path and future goals.

The Very Beginning

I started playing at age 4. We could go to Ash Lee Jefferson (Elementary), which is just like five minutes from my house, and it was just Timbits soccer — anyone could go. It was fun. We got to run around. It was outside in the summertime.

“I stuck with it. I played hockey, too, but I decided to go with soccer because I always liked it more and I was always a little better at soccer. I like the soccer community. I’ve just always loved soccer.”

National Team Debut

“At the start of February I was out for a trial, and then the end of February I was going to Spain. So it all happened so fast. I really didn’t have time to process it. Even when I think back on it, it’s all so surreal and dream-like. I can’t even believe it happened. 

“You dream about all the on-field stuff — wearing the jersey, actually playing. But so much of it was off the field, too, just getting to meet all the like-minded players. Everyone is all in, giving it their all.”

Qualifying for World Cup

“Even going into that bronze medal game against Puerto Rico, I was like, ‘Holy, right now, if we win this game, we qualify for World Cup.’

“Then, when we won, it was on Mother’s Day, so we gave all our moms a shoutout, so that was nice. We were all celebrating. We were all looking at the camera and saying, ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.’

“It just added to it.”

The Future

“My immediate goal would be to make the squad for the World Cup. Something they told us from the very start is you deserve nothing and earn everything. Absolutely, that spot is not secured for me, at all, I just need to work toward that. The squad has changed, every single camp they bring in new players and make those changes. 

“It keeps it competitive to make sure we’re putting on the best squad every single game and every single tournament.

“Beyond that, I’d love to play for the senior women’s national team one day. I also have goals and aspirations to play professionally. My end goal would be to play professionally in Europe.”

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