Fairway to Success: Black Lives Matter Golf Women’s BIPOC Program

In 2022, community members Tina Skeir and Lillian Ash had a vision of sharing their passion for golf with community members. They approached Golf Nova Scotia, and working together, the Black Lives Matter Golf Women’s BIPOC Program was created. This empowering program aims to inspire and motivate more BIPOC women to take up the game, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of belonging in the golf community.  

The inaugural summer of the program saw a turnout of twenty-four participants for the weekly one-hour sessions. Led by Cristal Fitzpatrick, a golf professional from Grandview Golf Club, the sessions focused on putting, chipping, driving, and playing. Grandview, located in Preston, provided a warm and welcoming environment, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Participants could socialize, learn a new skill, and enjoy physical activity in their community. Equipment and clothing were provided to all participants to ensure everyone felt included.   

“The program’s journey began in 2022 with half-day weekend sessions, which received an overwhelming response,” said Sara Wilson, Technical Director of Golf Nova Scotia. “Encouraged by this, we restructured, and in 2023, it ran weekly from the end of May to the end of August, focusing on a specific skill each night. The program is set to continue its evolution in 2024 with plans for eight weeks of sessions.” 

The program has since grown and advanced, which has presented a challenge in gaining access to courses. Having Grandview Golf Club and The Links at Montague as partners has been crucial in providing a space for the program and designated tee times for participants. Post sessions, the group has had the opportunity to play a few holes to gain experience on the golf course and learn golf etiquette and basic rules.  

“We would love to see participants advance enough to feel comfortable participating in some team tournaments,” said Wilson. “The goal is to have the women feel comfortable on the golf course to play regularly and perhaps join a golf club.”  

The program has been an enormous success, with several participants even purchasing their own clubs, a testament to its positive impact. As the program gears up for its third summer, we look forward to more inspiring stories and achievements. To find out more information or stay updated on program deadlines, visit Golf Nova Scotia.  

The Black Lives Matter Golf Women’s BIPOC Program was made possible with the assistance of Sport Nova Scotia’s Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility grant. Check out our Sport Fund eligibility for more information about how Sport Nova Scotia can help support your community sport initiative.  

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