Frequently Asked Questions

Sport Nova Scotia is a voice for amateur sport that promotes the benefits of health, personal development, and achievement of all participants. We’re a non-profit, non-government organization representing approximately 60 provincial sport organizations and more than 160,00- member Nova Scotians.

We organize fundraising and recognition events, allocate funding, support community programming, and advocate for the importance of sport. We also provide members with information technology assistance, funding guidance, communications support, educational opportunities, payroll, and administrative services.

Because we work closely with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, many people mistake us for a branch of the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. Sport Nova Scotia is actually a non-profit, non-government organization.

KidSport is a national children’s program that helps kids overcome the financial barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport. KidSport Nova Scotia provides funding for sport registration, and, or equipment. Families who meet criteria are eligible for up to $300 per year, per child. For more information about KidSport, and how to apply, check out our funding page.

KidSport has seven application deadlines throughout the calendar year. If you submitted an application, you will receive a letter about of the status of your application no more than four weeks after the closest deadline. If your application has been approved, payment will be sent directly to the sport organization.

SportSweep tickets can be picked up and dropped off at the Sport Nova Scotia office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am– 4:30pm. Please contact our sport projects coordinator, Chris Warburton in advance to arrange a time to come in.  Chris can be reached at 902-425-5450 (ext. 362) or by email at

Provincial sport organizations who are Sport Nova Scotia members have a variety of benefits including:

-Access to Suppport4Sport and community sport funding
-Payroll and bookkeeping services
-Meeting room access
-Recognition through Cleve’s Source for Sports Athlete of the Month program and Support4Sport Awards
-Office and storage space
-Mail/courier services
-Digital network access
-Communications, human resources and IT support

Athletes who specialize in one sport too early have a higher likelihood of injury and dropping out of sports all together. Multisport programs allow children to become physically literate and explore which sports they enjoy best without juggling overlapping schedules or risking burnout. Registered participants change activities every few weeks to experience a little bit of everything. Multisport is quickly growing in popularity, and new programs are popping up across the province. Check out our multisport map to find a program near you.

Many of our provincial sport organization members run parasport programs. Check out the Parasport Nova Scotia website for a full overview of parasports, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming try-it clinics.

Yes, we have a variety of funding programs. Please see our funding page for a full overview of funding programs and eligibility requirements.

Our reSPORT program implements prototypes that have the potential to make sport and recreation more accessible and enjoyable for Nova Scotians. Check out the reSPORT page to learn more about how the program can help turn your idea into reality.