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 50 Years of Special People at the Hall of Fame

Over the past 50 years, many special people have dedicated countless hours of hard work to ensuring the success of the Hall of Fame...


(Left) Hall of Famer and Dalhousie sport historian Dr. Sandy Young co-hosted the Hall’s Induction Night for many years.


(Below) Long-time friend Tommy Sweet was the Hall’s first employee and ambassador who initiated the school program.













(Below) Super volunteer Joel Jacobson has been instrumental in all Induction Nights and numerous Hall activities since the late 1970s.












(Below) Hall of Famer and broadcaster Pat Connolly  chaired the selection committee and hosted Induction Night for over 20 years.



 (Below) Past Chair Dorothy Walker presents induction pin to NHL star Normie Ferguson in 1982. Dorothy was instrumental in establishing the first Hall of Fame facility.
















Senior Management: The senior staff management team of Shane Mailman (started 1992), Karolyn Sevcik (started 1988), and Bill Robinson (started 1983) is the face of the Hall of Fame with over 70 years of combined experience and commitment.