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 The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!

The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame came into existence through the work of 1950s Halifax mayor John E. “Gee” Ahern, along with Earl Morton, Harry Butler and Alex Nickerson (all four of whom are now inducted in the Hall of Fame as builders of sport). The Hall was initiated in response to Kingston, Ontario's claim to be the origin of hockey, as Ahern believed that James G.A. Creighton of Halifax had taken the original rules for ice hockey, called the Halifax rules, to McGill University in Montreal. Ahern felt that there should be recognition. After an in-depth look at all aspects of sport in Nova Scotia, the four men decided to broaden the original concept and develop the Hall of Fame to honour all sports. A Board of Directors was appointed in 1958, and the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame was officially opened on November 3rd, 1964 at the Industrial Building at the Halifax Forum complex.



This date in 1964 marked the beginning of an organization that has striven to honour, promote, and preserve Nova Scotia’s rich sport heritage for the past 50 years. Despite changes in governance, location, and even name, the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame has remained dedicated to celebrating the best-of-the-best in homegrown sport talent for half a century. With a roster of inductees nominated by their peers and fans and chosen through a careful selection process, the Hall of Fame brings the stories of its members to the public through its collection, museum facility, and year-round programming. Now, in 2014, the Hall of Fame is proud to offer more displays than ever before, a beautiful facility free of charge to the public, and an education program that inspires the next generation of “Future Hall of Famers.”

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