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Educational Activities & Games


The activities section offers free and fun educational resources for teachers and parents (or simply provides amusement for interested individuals). Browse our selection of games and quizzes below:



Mystery Artefact Quiz

Test your knowledge by matching photos of sports equipment to the appropriate sport. Multiple-choice style quiz.

*All items can be found on display at the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.


Ellie Black Colouring Page

Colour in 2-time Olympian and World Silver Medallist Ellie Black!


2012 Inductee Crossword

Need more clues for the Crossword Puzzle?

Check out the 2012 Inductee press release under the "Inductees" tab of the website.


Jamie Bone Colouring Page

Colour in Paralympic gold medal winner and wheelchair sprinting phenomenon Jamie Bone!


Quizzenger Hunt Answers

Answers to the Quizzenger Hunt - scavenger hunt quiz available in the Hall of Fame brochure.