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Library Resources

The following books are available to those arranging research visits to the Hall of Fame. As with all research visits, these books are only available when the Hall of Fame office is open, and advanced notice must be given. If you have any questions about the books' content, please contact Katie Tanner at 902-404-3343 or

Titles in red can also be purchased. Call or email if you would like to buy a copy.



Copyright  Author/Ed./Pub.
Johnny Miles, Nova Scotia Marathon King Athletics 1990 Williston, F.
Annie & Gladys Longard: Nova Scotia's Badminton Legends Badminton 1998 Charters, J.
Baseball Baseball   Gillis, Eddie
Northern Sandlots, A Social History of Maritime Baseball Baseball 1995 Howell, C. D. 
The Babe and I Baseball 1959 Mrs. Babe Ruth
The Baseball Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Baseball 1985 Reichler, J. L. (ed.)
The Boys of '62: transcending the racial divide Baseball 2008 Mitchell, F. G.
The Kids' Baseball Book Baseball 1994 Coward, C.; Seed, T.
Village of Champions, A look at the Maccan Royals Baseball Club and the Maccan Curling Club Baseball, Curling 2012 Chris F. Cameron
Dream Big Dreams, The Jack Donohue Story Basketball 2003? Hickey, M.
Medalist, Flashback Notebook, Volume 3 Basketball 1977? Medalist Sports Educuation
Silver to Gold, A Chronicle of Coach Steve Konchalski's 25th Year at St. F. X. Basketball 2001 Konchalski, S. et al
Living the Dream: The Acadia Axemen at the Nationals 1963-2013
Basketball 2014 John A. DeCoste
Distinction Earned, Cape Breton's Boxing Legends, 1946-1970 Boxing 2010 Paul MacDougall
Sweat and Soul Boxing 1990 Saunders, C. R.
Win in the Area of Life, Living a Life You Love is Worth Fighting For Boxing 2003 Anderson, R.
Canada Games: the Official Retrospective of the Canada Games Canada Games 1992 MacCabe, E.
Canada at the XIIIth Commonwealth Games 1986 Commonwealth 1986 Commonwealth Games Association of Canada
Edmonton '78 Commonwealth 1978 Executive Sport Publications, Ltd.
The First Fifty, A Nostalgic Look at the Brier Curling 1980 Maxwell, D. et al.
Village of Champions, A look at the Maccan Royals Baseball Club and the Maccan Curling Club Baseball, Curling 2012 Chris F. Cameron
To The Top Canada Cycling 1998 Robertson, C.
A Canadian History of the Art and Sport of Diving Diving 1994 Baird, V. L.
World Figure Skating Championships 1990 Figure Skating 1990? Gloria Sports Advertising
The Trail of the Sharp Cup Fishing 1974 Farrington, S. K. Jr.
Facts Figures & Records 1986 Football 1986 The Canadian Football League
Undefeated Since 1976: The Year of the Tiger
Football   Rivers, Rick
Nova Scotia Golf: Facts and Heroics Golf 2007 Russell, Burton
Hiking the Dream Hiking 2002 Didkowsky, K.
A Century of Hockey Heroics
Hockey 1999 Russell, Burton
A History of Hockey on the South Shore and the Guys of the South Shore
Hockey   MacIsaac, Kie
Blades on Ice, A Century of Professional Hockey Hockey 2000 Goyens, C.; Orr, F.
Great Book of Hockey Hockey 1991 Fischler, S.; Fischler, S.
Greatest Moments in Canada Hockey History Hockey 2008 Canada Hockey
Hockey Hall of Fame Hockey 1988 Diamond, D.; Romain, J.
Hockey Hall of Fame Legends Hockey 1993 McKinley, M.
Hockey, A People's History Hockey 2006 McKinley, M.
Hockey's Captains, Colonels & Kings Hockey 1987 Fitsell, J. W.
How Hockey Happended, A pictorial history of the originsl of Canada's National Winter Game Hockey 2006 J.W. (Bill) Fitsell
K.C.A.: A Hockey Dynasty Hockey 1981? Russell, Burton
Long Shots, The Curious Story of the Four Maritime Teams that Played for the Stanley Cup Hockey 2012 Trevor J. Adams
Peter Puck and the Stolen Stanley Cup Hockey 1980 McFarlane, B.
Putting It On Ice: Volume I: Hockey and Cultural Identities Hockey 2001 Howell, C. D. (ed.)
Road to the Memorial Cup Hockey 2005 Canada Hockey
Sidney Crosby, Taking the Game by Storm Hockey 2007 Grace Joyce
Sidney Crosby, The Story of a Champion Hockey 2010 Paul Hollingsworth
Silverware, Hockey Hall of Fame Hockey 2005 Podnieks, A.
The Hockey Bibliography, Ice Hockey Worldwide Hockey 1978 Thorn, D. J.
The Trail of the Stanley Cup, Vol 1, 1893-1926 inc. Hockey 1964 Coleman, C. L.
Ace Foley, The First Fifty Years, The Life and Times of a Sports Writer Media 1970 Foley, Ace

Arnie on Everything, Arnie Patterson's 50 best Daily News Columns, 1988-2004

Media 2006 C. Arnold Patterson
Sporting Memories: Selected Sports Articles by Dr. Cecil MacLean
Media 2014 Sears, Bart
Play By Play: The Life and Times of Pat Connolly
Media 2014 Jacobson, Joel

"Give us an A", An Acadia Album 1838-1988

Multi-sport 1988 Moody, B. M.
A Concise History of Sport in Canada Multi-sport 1989 Morrow, D. et al.
Beyond Heros, A Sport History of Nova Scotia, Vol 1. Multi-sport 1991 Young, A. J. 
Beyond Heros, A Sport History of Nova Scotia, Vol 2 Multi-sport 1991 Young, A. J. 
Canada's Greatest Women Athletes Multi-sport 1981 McDonald, D
Canada's Sporting Heroes Multi-sport 1974 Wise, S. F.; Fisher, D.
Champions, A British Columbia Sports Album Multi-sport 1985 Kearney, J.
Fair Sport, A Historyof Sports at the Canadian National Exhibition Since 1879 Multi-sport 1978 Canadian National Exhibition
From Shame to Fame: Canada's Sport Hall of Fame
Multi-sport   CSHOF
Heroes with Heart Multi-sport 2002 Proctor, S. et al.
Hurrah Acadia Multi-sport 1986? Russell, Burton
Inside the Game, The Stories Behind Nova Scotia's Sport Headlines Multi-sport 2011 Chris Cochrane
Italian Lives, Cape Breton Memories Multi-sport 1999 Migliore, S. & Dipierro, A. E.
King's-Edgehill School, 1788-1988 Multi-sport 1988 Loomer, L. S.
Life is a Ball! 50 Years of Nova Scotia Sport Multi-sport 2000 Bob Douglas
Lionel Conacher Multi-sport 1981 Cosentino, F. and Morrow, D.
Maritime Sport Stars on Parade Multi-sport ? Nickerson, A.
Nova Scotia Sport Personalities Multi-sport 1975 Russell, Burton; Cameron, S.
Sport Canadiana Multi-sport 1980 Executive Sport Publications, Ltd.
Sporting Heritage, A Guide to Halls of Fame, Special Collections and Museums in the United States and Canada Multi-sport 1974 Lewis, G. and Redmond, G.
The CAHPER Story 1933-1983 Multi-sport 1984? Gurney, H.
The Complete Book of Indoor Sports Multi-sport 1980 Brown, G. (ed.)
The Encyclopaedia of Sport, A-EEL Multi-sport 1900 Lawrence and Bullen Ltd.
The History of the Caledonia Amateur Athetic Club of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Multi-sport 1988 Hooper, N. A.
The Jewish Athlete, A Nostalgic View Multi-sport 1980 Hershfield, L.
The New Encyclopedia of Sport Multi-sport 1947 Menke, F.G.
The New York Times Guide to Spectator Sports Multi-sport 1971 Koppett, L.
The Sports Book Multi-sport 1975 Yee, M. S. (ed.)
Who's Who in Canadian Sport Multi-sport 1985 Ferguson, B.
Who's Who in Canadian Sport Multi-sport 1977 Ferguson, B.
Who's Who in Canadian Sport, Vol 3 Multi-sport 1999 Ferguson, B.
An Illustrated History of the Olympics, 2nd edition Olympics 1967 Schaap, R.
Canada at the Olympic Winter Games Olympics 1987 Bryden, W.
Canada at the Olympics, 72-76 Olympics 1977 Canadian Olympic Association
Let the spirit live on, XV Commonwealth Games Olympics 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games Society
Montreal Innsbruck 76, The Olympic Games Olympics 1976 proSport Publication
Olympiad 1936, blaze of glory for Hilter's Reich Olympics 1971 Holmes, J.
Olympiad 1960, 2nd Edition Olympics 1959 ENIT
Olympic Gold, Canadian Winners of the Summer Games Olympics 1975 Cosentino, F.
Olympic Magazine Olympics 1995 Olympic Museum, IOC
Olympic Sports Offical Album, Montréal 1976 Olympics 1975 Les Editions Martell Ltée
The Eternal Olympics, The Art and History of Sport Olympics 1979 Yalouris, N. (ed.)
The Olympic Games, 80 Years of People, Events and Records Olympics 1976 Killanin, L.; Rodda, J. (ed.)
The Olympic Movement Olympics 1984 International Olympic Committee
The XXth Olympiad, Munich, 1972 Olympics 1972  
Ned Hanlan Rowing 1978 Cosentino, F.
Paddles in Time, An exhibition of canoe and kayak sprint racing in Nova Scotia Rowing 1997 Regional Museum of Cultural History
The Racing Sailor's Bible Sailing 1972 Smith, H. G.
Canadian Senior Men's Softball Championship 1971 Softball 1971 The Amateur Softball Association of Canada
South End Lawn Tennis Club, 1890-1998 Tennis 1998 Scriven, J.
St. George's Lawn Tennis Club Tennis 1985? Timpf, L.