reSPORT is a collaborative effort of Sport Nova Scotia, the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic and the Province of Nova Scotia. The focus of reSPORT is to turn ideas that have the potential to make sport and recreation more accessible and enjoyable for Nova Scotians into prototypes. Prototypes are supported in a variety of ways, including communications assistance, evaluation, leadership development, and funding.

Some examples of reSPORT projects include the rollout of the Antigonish Sport Hub (a universal sport registration and communications platform), the creation of an inclusion and access position in the Cumberland County, and swimming lessons for youth in North Preston.

reSPORT’s mission is to transform sport in Nova Scotia to become more equitable, by further embedding the values of access, inclusion, community, and belonging into all programming.

reSPORT’s vision is for everyone in Nova Scotia to have equitable opportunities to develop and realize their potential through sport so that our province and our population would be stronger.

Is something missing from sport and recreation in your community? We might be able to help! Email to learn more about prototyping opportunities.