Our strategic plan


Every single Nova Scotian has lifelong opportunities to experience the positive benefits of sport.


We unite innovative leadership and drive collaboration to build a robust sport community.


We believe in the following values to guide our work:

Inclusion/Accessibility – We work to make sport available to ALL Nova Scotians no matter their ability, background, age, gender, circumstance, etc.

Safety – We foster a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Health and Wellness – We promote participation in sport because it provides physical, social, and emotional health benefits.

Excellence – We strive for a high(er) standard within our organization and throughout the sector.

Accountability – We are stewards for our stakeholders, manage our resources, and take responsibility for our actions.

Communications – We connect the sector and are the advocate for sport.

Social Impact – We will employ sport to intentionally address societal issues.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase access and participation for all Nova Scotians.


  1. Partner and collaborate to optimize access to sport facilities including schools across the Province
  2. Encourage innovative approaches to lowering participation costs in municipalities
  3. Increase programs and services targeted to groups who are under-represented in sport

Goal 2: Realign resources to reflect the new SNS Vision and Mission


  1. Develop capacity at Sport Nova to achieve the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan
  2. Increase staff engagement to build a culture of collaboration, innovation and leadership
  3. Provide training and learning opportunities to build capacity

Goal 3: Establish Sport Nova Scotia as a Convenor


  1. Create collaborations that help the participant have a seamless, lifelong sport path
  2. Create collaborations to increase physical activity in schools
  3. Expand existing partnerships and create new collaborations to promote and use sport as a tool for social development
  4. Establish SNS as a Communications Hub for Nova Scotians

Goal 4: Increase capacity and development of PSOs and CSOs


  1. Expand programs and supports to help PSOs and CSOs
  2. Expand support with respect to officials, volunteers and coaches
  3. Provide programs and services that are relevant, effective and meet the needs of SNS and our members

Goal 5: Build a strong, secure and sustainable business model and brand


  1. Ensure the revenue generating programs are meeting required targets
  2. Maintain protocols for accountability and the stewardship of funds
  3. Ensure SNS building is leveraged to maximize revenue and reflect Sport
  4. Expand cost sharing and cost reductions through a shared resource model