To prevent unethical conduct, positive values must be committed to and prioritized throughout the sport system. When sport is values-based, it has the power to positively influence behaviour and create a culture that instills character, strengthens communities, and increases opportunities for excellence. The Nova Scotia Safe Sport Working Group (SSWG) recognizes True Sport as an approach to foster a sporting culture free from maltreatment while maximizing the potential to be valued as a public asset.

Goals and Objectives

The Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador Program engages a diverse cohort of athletes who use their voices to share their passion for True Sport. The athletes were selected through the Support4Sport VIP Coaching Program with the goal of increasing awareness, understanding, and engagement of values-based sport. This project is a component of Nova Scotia’s commitment to safe sport.

2023 Ambassadors

Maddy Warwick


The True Sport Principles that resonate with me are "Keep It Fun" and "Give Back". I keep it fun through the friendships I’ve made. As a player, I feel respected by my teammates, coaches and officials. As a coach, I want to give back and help provide a similar experience for upcoming athletes.

Julia Snelgrove


Growing up playing many sports my whole life has been very beneficial to not only my physical health, but also my mental health! I was fortunate enough to grow up playing in True Sport, where I didn’t have to worry about being excluded or disadvantaged. I really value the True Sport Principle "Keep It Fun" because that’s what keeps me motivated in sport and that’s what I aim to keep promoting!

Anne Savage


Being a multisport athlete has allowed me to partake in sports at every level of competition, both as an athlete and as a coach. Whether it be at the provincial championship or timbits soccer, I know that when True Sport Values are front and center, everyone gets to have fun and feel included. Through sport, I've grown not only as an athlete, but as a better person as well.

Jacob Leighton Nussey


Being a part of jump rope has given me so many great opportunities. As a Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, I can help give back to the next generation of athletes by leading by example and being an inspiration to others.

Victoria Mumford
I have been involved in my sport since I was a child and I can honestly say that I have experienced the positives of True Sport. To be successful and experience the thrill of winning competitions knowing that I did it fairly and with respect is what stands out to me. Without these values, there is no satisfaction in winning.
Sullivan Nakatsu


Growing up in sailing, I was always surrounded by True Sport. The True Sport Principles most important to me are to “Keep It Fun” and “Play Fair”.  Finding the joy of the sport experience and competing with integrity helps ensure a positive sport culture.

Morgan Elda Landry
For me, True Sport means making sure everyone is included and safe within their sport. Athletes and coaches work together to break down  barriers and find ways that everyone can participate. As an athlete with a disability, it was always a challenge to feel like I was on even ground with my peers. After working together with my coaches and teammates, we’ve established ways that I can reach my full potential within my sport.
Tyra Obadan


I am a Nigerian-British Canadian volleyball player. My favourite True Sport Principle is "Go For It". I believe this Principle helps build confidence and skill in athletes that they never could have imagined.

Alexandra Claire Benevides

Interactions with other athletes, coaches, and sport personnel are improved when the True Sport Principles are activated. In my sport of Taekwondo, I feel safe knowing that the principles "Respect Others" and "Keep It Fun" play important roles in the sport.  environment, allowing me to be the best athlete I can be.

Jessica Lynn Cranton
My experience as a Special Olympics figure skater and athlete is rooted deep in the Principles and Values of True Sport.
 The connection, confidence, resilience, strength and joy I have gained through experiencing the power of the True Sport Principles especially "Include Everyone" has been life changing both on and off the ice. My hope is by sharing my story more people will see how the True Sport Values and Principles can bring athletes of all abilities together.