To prevent unethical conduct, positive values must be committed to and prioritized throughout the sport system. When sport is values-based, it has the power to positively influence behaviour and create a culture that instills character, strengthens communities, and increases opportunities for excellence. The Nova Scotia Safe Sport Working Group (SSWG) recognizes True Sport as an approach to foster a sporting culture free from maltreatment while maximizing the potential to be valued as a public asset.

Goals and Objectives

The Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador Program engages a diverse cohort of athletes who use their voices to share their passion for True Sport. The athletes were selected through the Support4Sport VIP Coaching Program with the goal of increasing awareness, understanding, and engagement of values-based sport. This project is a component of Nova Scotia’s commitment to safe sport.

2024 Ambassadors

Alison Umlah
I have created so many incredible memories since I started curling 10 years ago. These experiences are highlighted by the True Sport Principles “Give Back” and “Keep It Fun.” For me, True Sport means sharing my love of curling with my community and seeing the joy that sport can bring.

Gabe Moshett
Growing up, I’ve played many different sports, and it has provided me with many opportunities to learn about the world of sports. The True Sport principle that is important to me is “Respect Others,” because sport is most enjoyable when everyone follows the rules and when teammates, coaches, referees, and opponents all respect each other. I’m excited to promote and share what the seven True Sport Principles mean to me.

Lydia Doyle
Growing up as a multi-sport athlete has had an enormous impact on my values in life. I took part in gymnastics and ringette at every level, from recreational to competitive, both as an athlete and a coach. The supportive network of coaches and teammates within my sporting community has helped bring out the best in me and shaped me into who I am today. As a Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, I hope to increase awareness, understanding, and participation in sport by using my voice and positive influence to share my passion for True Sport.

Shea Carr
I activate the True Sport Principles in my everyday life and in sport. The True Sport Principle that resonates with me the most is “Include Everyone.” Regardless of who they are or their abilities, everyone should have the opportunity to participate and be included in their sport. At Unified Sport, I work with kids with disabilities and help them feel included and welcomed in sport. Helping these kids has really put a smile on my face and allowed me to effortlessly incorporate the True Sport Principles.

Abigail Smith
Judo is my passion; I’ve been practicing ever since I was 4 years old. No matter what I have going on, it is the one thing that can clear my head and makes me feel the happiest. I will share with you my passion for judo and how I apply the seven True Sport Principles to my sport and how you can apply them to your sport experience.
Hadley Frittenburg
Participating in sports was one of the best choices I have ever made. Growing up, I always wanted to participate and compete in sports, but having a disability, I thought that I couldn’t. Fortunately, I found para sports, specifically para hockey and para kayaking. For the first time ever, I felt like I could give a sport my all without barriers holding me back. The True Sport Principles “Include Everyone” and “Keep It Fun” really resonate with me. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in sport, and that sport should be something you enjoy and a place where you feel safe.
Camden Purcell
As a transgender athlete, the most impactful True Sport Principle is “Include Everyone.” Sports, particularly soccer, has been an integral part of my life ever since I started playing at Timbits and now as a senior player. Soccer has been with me through everything. Sport has given me the platform to challenge stereotypes and break barriers. As a Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, my goal is to promote inclusion and provide other transgender athletes with resources to stay in sport.
Zack Rogers
From running cross country in an annual community race for years, to having the opportunity to compete in my first national competition, I can confidently say I have experienced the impact of the seven True Sport Principles. In my years of experience, I have come to learn that the True Sport Principle "Keep It Fun" is what is most important to me. Every day in all sports, I strive to show that with a little bit of fun in sport, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Eleyna Brooks
This year I’ve been fortunate enough to compete at the Baseball National Championships, Volleyball National Championships, Les Grands Jeux, and the North American Indigenous Games. Additionally, I made it to the RBC Training Ground National Finals. The True Sport Principle “Go For It" helped get me to experience these amazing opportunities and “Keep It Fun” led to some unforgettable memories and many lifelong friendships formed across North America. My sport journey has inspired me to “Give Back” by inspiring young girls and Indigenous athletes to do the same. 
Matthew Broome
I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Special Olympics Canada National Games twice, with over 15 years of involvement in Special Olympics Lunenburg Queens, participating in bocce, curling, and bowling. As a Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, I’m excited to share what the True Sport Principles mean to me with everyone. To me, “Go For It” means never giving up and “Include Everyone” is what Special Olympics is all about. The True Sport Principles are at the heart of Special Olympics, and I try my best to live them in everything I do. I'm excited for you to join me on this journey.
Nathan Keeton

Growing up on a farm, I discovered my passion for horses at an early age. After exploring several different riding disciplines, I settled on English riding. Traditionally, in Nova Scotia, English riding has been predominantly done by females. I believe in the True Sport Principles “Play Fair” and “Respect Others,” including athletes, coaches, organizers, judges, volunteers, and everyone who helps make Equestrian an amazing sport. As a Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, I will be promoting the seven True Sport Principles so that everyone can relate them to their sport experiences.

Keshia Corkum
I have been involved in sports since the third grade, playing everything from rugby to badminton, and basketball is the sport I have stuck with consistently since then. By implementing the True Sport Principles into the sports, I play, it has made the experience exponentially better for me, my teammates and others involved in the sport. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my love and passion for basketball with the next generation of athletes and guide them in including the True Sport Principles into their sport experiences.