Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, Luke Rideout 

Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, Luke Rideout 

Volleyball player, Luke Rideout is the Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador for July 2022.  

This volleyball player believes in the True Sport Principles and the impact sport can make.

“My sport experience has not only pushed me to go for it and test my limits athletically but it has underscored how important it is to give back to my community. This has allowed me to develop connections within my community, and has supported my personal growth – this is what True Sport can do,” said Luke.  

Luke is passionate about his sport and the combined effort involved. “Volleyball is very team-oriented and requires a full team effort to accomplish anything. I think these forces teammates to become closer on and off the court,” says Luke. “It requires so much effort and focus to play well, which for me makes the sport addicting.”  

His favourite sport may be volleyball, but that didn’t stop Luke from playing as many sports as possible during his time at Horton High School. In addition to volleyball, he also joined soccer, badminton, hockey, table tennis, baseball, and basketball.   

This multisport athlete now attends Dalhousie University for Recreation Management and plays on the Dalhousie Tigers Men’s Volleyball Team. Stepping on the court for the first time as a Dalhousie Tiger is one of Luke’s most memorable moments as an athlete.   

Now he is creating more sport memories as a coach; Luke started his coaching career last summer as a session coach with Volleyball Nova Scotia’s U15 team.   

“As a young athlete, I always looked up to the older players and coaches. I know that I now have the opportunity to be a positive role model for younger athletes, and I want to make sure I use this opportunity well,” says Luke. “There’s the sense of belonging, relationship building, community pride, and most importantly the fun of sport. I’ve learned through coaching and I hope to continue coaching for a long time.”  

Coach Luke serves up some tips for younger athletes. “Work hard, be curious, listen to your coaches, respect yourself and the other athletes, and have fun,” said Luke.  

Luke’s short-term goals for the future include being a leader on the 2022 Team Nova Scotia men’s volleyball team as they compete in Niagara, and becoming a meaningful player for the Dalhousie Tigers. 

The Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador Program is a social media campaign created to foster a positive and safe sporting culture across the province. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of the seven True Sport Principles; “Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone, and Give Back.” Each month a new featured athlete will share how they live the True Sport Principles in their athletic and everyday pursuits through personal stories on Instagram. 

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