Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador, Shelby Prost

20-year-old Trampolinist, Shelby Prost is the Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador for May 2022.    

In August of 2021, Shelby placed second in the Elite Canada double mini-trampoline level 5 17+. When it comes to her sport, this silver medalist is interested in more than jumping, at just 12-years-old she made leaps toward becoming a coach. 

“I would assist coaches with classes and help keep athletes on the right track during the class. Eight years later and I am now an assistant recreational coordinator and pre-competitive coordinator for our club. I love coaching young athletes and teaching them about my passion for the sport.” says Shelby, “It’s so rewarding to see them grow as athletes whether it be in the gym or another sport.”  

As a coach and long-time volunteer, Shelby lives the True Sport Principal “give back”.  

“Giving back to my sport is an integral part of my sport experience – it has certainly contributed to my personal growth and development as a mentor. I think my commitment to True Sport will help ensure that my contributions are both positive and meaningful for my athletes,” said Shelby.

To Shelby, the True Sport Principles sum up everything to be celebrated about sport. “All these things that True Sport embodies is how I always dreamed sport should be. The more I learned about True Sport, the more passionate I became to create these amazing environments for everyone involved.”  

As a coach and athlete, she knows how important it is to set a positive example. Shelby’s role model is not only her coach but also the woman she calls mom. “The person who inspires me the most is my mother. As my coach, she has helped me see my potential and pushed me to achieve great things. She is always supportive and willing to do anything to help me improve as an athlete, coach and person.”  

When she isn’t busy in the gym, Shelby is entertained by her six dogs, three cats and a guinea pig named Marty. To put her passion for animals to work, she studies Veterinary Technology at the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus.  

Shelby’s advice to other athletes is to not get discouraged. “One small step in the right direction is 100 per cent more than no step at all. My favourite word is yet. You may not be capable of doing this one thing… yet. Nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing.” 

The Nova Scotia True Sport Athlete Ambassador Program is a social media campaign created to foster a positive and safe sporting culture across the province. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of the seven True Sport Principles; “Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone, and Give Back.” Each month a new featured athlete will share how they live the True Sport Principles in their athletic and everyday pursuits through personal stories on Instagram.

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